With spring on the horizon, make sure you discover some of our favourite hidden corners of the hotel on your next visit…

A peek inside the house

We welcome guests from across the world to our leafy patch of Somerset, many of whom might be on their second, third or fourth stay. As spring days edge closer, we’re looking forward to welcoming back some familiar faces – hopefully with something unfamiliar to discover. 

There’s much to see and soak in on any break – changing vistas, freshly plucked dishes, expert tours and tastings – but you may not have stumbled across some of the hotel’s more ‘secret’ spots.

From our good friend ‘Old Knobbly’ – a specialist art piece of living trees, shipped in from Solitair – to a long Avenue walk that rewards you with views towards Cadbury Castle (reputed to be King Arthur’s Camelot), we’re spilling some of our favourite Hotel hotspots from those in the know – the Guest Experience team.

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Old Knobbly 

Ever noticed the sculptural cloud pruned yew hedge bordering the Badminton Court? ‘Old  Knobbly’, as it’s affectionately known, was grown in Belgium by experts cultivating uniquely characterful hedges and standalone plants. Take a break from playing Badminton for a snap with our living art, and make the most of the courtside phone box for a hotline to the Hotel for a cocktail, G&T or sparkling cyder.

What lies behind Old Knobbly..?

The Snug

Arguably the cosiest wood-clad spot in Farmyard, just beyond the cyder orchards, hide away with a board game, watch a movie on the big screen or chill out with a drink in hand from the help-yourself Garner Bar.

Cosy up in The Snug

Secret Garden

Watched over by the shepherd and shepherdess statues, discover our tucked away cutting garden, tended by gardener Maiko to provide year-round creative colour for her workshops and floral displays around the hotel. A floral, fragrant place to sit and read or watch the bees buzz.

Earthly delights. Credit: @uberstevo


In the warm depths of the spa, our authentic hammam awaits. This luxurious soapy ritual is the perfect top-to-toe treatment to leave you super soft, refreshed and feeling like the best version of yourself. Cool down after with our Ottoman Sherbet, a traditional fruity drink infused with spices, served in Istanbul’s Hammams.

Enter another world

The End of the Avenue

A little-known spot on the estate to take in the views towards ‘Camelot’. Speak to our guest experience team about creating a special moment to remember – we can arrange a private picnic, cyder tasting or (almost) anything else your heart desires, on the best bench with a view.

Stroll and thou shall find

The Archive

Curious to learn more about the history of Hadspen? Guests can book with the Guest Experience team to buggy over to Welham for a tour of The Newt Archive, just one of the unique experiences you can request during your stay. Discover Somerset secrets with our experts and listen to fascinating stories of times past.

Learn more of our secrets with an Archive Tour

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