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New for 2024, the Great Garden Escape day trip will be running across all seasons. From al fresco Gardener & Chef sessions in summer to a Midwinter Magic special for the festive season, here’s a sneak preview of what’s in store. 

Have you ever planned a great escape? This year, we’re making it easier than ever.

For those yet to embark on our Great Garden Escape, it’s a unique day trip from London to our patch of the Somerset countryside. Starting at London Paddington, guests travel in comfort via First Class train to The Newt to enjoy all the best bits the estate has to offer in one inspiring day. You’ll take in the beauty of the gardens, yes, but also discover the art of cyder making and enjoy the finest fare plucked from the soil beneath your feet. Each ticket also includes a 12-month Newt Membership for you to come back and visit under your own steam. 

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So what’s new?

This year, the offering has evolved beyond the spring and summer months, with new Seasonal Specials for autumn and winter. Most notably, there’s now a much-requested hotel stay in the mix with our Somerset Stopover, extending the day trip to two days and a night in the hotel. It’s planned for October, when the apples are cavorting, the first fires have been lit and there’s a veritable feast of colour and atmosphere to soak up. Elsewhere in the programme, we’re running two trips in December to tie in with our Christmas Shopping Weekend. It’s the perfect opportunity for guests to share in the wonderment of the festive season and peruse pinstriped market stalls while basking in the Winter Garden’s golden glow.  

Meet gardeners and chefs on our Seasonal Specials

Another new addition for 2024, is summer’s Gardener & Chef special. Based on one of our most popular estate workshops, it’s a rare chance to pick, prepare and cook your own alfresco lunch with our passionate team. With a vast tree trunk table all set for a feast in the garden and live cooking over a fire pit, there’s an air of Alice in Wonderland magic to the day. 

From the warm welcome at the Victorian lounge on Platform One at London Paddington to estate baked afternoon tea and flowing drinks as you’re whisked back home, our hosting team are taking care of absolutely everything throughout the day. Expect tours and tastings led by our experts, lunch at the Garden Café to dig into signatures such as whole roasted spiced cauliflower with fermented leaves, and free time for exploring or shopping. Time to start plotting your escape.

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“We’re delighted to grow our popular Great Garden Escape programme for 2024 and give guests the opportunity to take in the ever-changing beauty of the estate and gardens throughout the seasons. It’s a cheering day filled with the best of Newt hospitality and discovery as our teams share their work and our story.”  –  Andrew Foulkes, Director of Hospitality 

The Viper

The Great Garden Escape runs on Fridays and Saturdays from 19 April to 7 December.  

Guests can delve a little deeper with bespoke itineraries across six Seasonal Specials for 2024: 

Gardener & Chef  

Friday 14 & Saturday 15 June 

New for 2024, venture into the Market Garden with our growers to pluck the finest ingredients to cook over coals with our experts before an al fresco lunch to feast on hard-earned spoils. 

Bees & Honey 

Friday 19 & Saturday 20 July 

Spend the day with one of our Beekeeping experts, learning all about the fascinating life of bees and nature’s liquid gold with exclusive tours, talks and tastings. 

Roman Somerset 

Friday 16 & Saturday 17 August 

Expect an archaeological adventure, stepping back in time and enjoying a day of discovery at our Villa Ventorum, giving you a flavour of life in Roman Somerset during AD351. 


Friday 20 & Saturday 21 September 

Join us as we celebrate the hard work of our Gardeners at our most abundant time of year. Delight in nourishing fare, enjoy orchard tours and explore our overflowing ornamental gardens. 

Garden View Room

Somerset Stopover 

Friday 3 & Saturday 10 October 

Another new addition for 2024, allowing for a night at Hadspen, and two days to soak in the beauty of the estate and all it has to offer before journeying back to London Paddington.  

Midwinter Magic 

Friday 6 & Saturday 7 December 

Our first winter escape! Embark on an abundant itinerary filled with wonderment, wreath making with our floriculturist and fairy-lit sights. 

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