Phrasal verb: to get comfortable in a place or situation; to settle into the safety of one’s home for a potentially prolonged time.

As we settle into lockdown and hunker down in our homes, it feels fitting to share some ways we can help – and tell the story of how, during the first lockdown, The Newt went mobile. 

When the world changed earlier this year, it felt as if everything stopped. But the garden did as gardens tend to do, and kept growing. It was Spring, the best time for growth. 

There was an abundance of vegetables; a team with time to pick up tools and join gardeners and farmers. And people at home, wanting to eat well – cooking with their families, taking care of their health, or staying inside. 

So we kept our Farm Shop stocked with vegetables and goods from our Bakery, Butchery and Creamery, plus our favourite local farms. Fresh meat, cheeses, essentials – when finding a bag of flour felt like a golden ticket. 

Locals in isolation asked if we could deliver. Why not, we thought; let’s give it a try. We hired vans and hatched a plan. Hotel hosts and spa therapists turned delivery drivers, pickers and packers. Chefs in their kitchens made nourishing soups; marinades to flavour Butchery meats. We planted more veg and juiced a lot of fruit.

Guests from London, their stays cancelled, asked “could you deliver to us?”. Why not, we thought. We wanted to do more, offer more…

“Cheese needs crackers – let’s add those spelt crackers from the Garden Café that everyone loves. We could offer everything for a cream tea. Breakfast? Let’s bake some granola, and make yoghurt in the Creamery. Bacon sandwiches need ketchup – let’s make some with our greenhouse tomatoes. Cinnamon buns need coffee – Extract Organic Coffee makes a great brew.” And so it has organically grown.

Keeping you going has kept us going, and we’re so grateful for your support.

We’re now delivering every morning from our estate to the whole of the UK.

Pantry items can be delivered anywhere; fresh items are currently only available to BA postcodes, select local postcodes and London. 

We’ve just added timed delivery slots for even more convenience, and delivery is always free.

5 Ways to Stay in With Us

We’ll be over here as usual, helping you through lockdown.

1 –  Mull things over

Try our new cyder mulling kit for cosy nights in (we’ve found the perfect blend). Hits the spot in front of a fire or a boxset.

2 – Something new for supper

You’ll be in the kitchen a lot, so keep inspired with chef recipes on our Journal – they’ll be adding more throughout the season.

3 – Bring the outdoors in

Over the coming weeks, our weekly ‘Stop, Look, Listen’ IGTV will meet more of the team, sharing tips and tutorials bringing nature into your home.

4 – Lunching from home

Our fresh selection has easy options for lunches al desko – vegetable soups, savoury pastries, eggs from happy hens.

5 – Tick off your festive to-do list

Simplify seasonal shopping with our Christmas food and gift range coming soon – thoughtfully made, sustainably wrapped. From candles to mince pies, turkey and all the trimmings.

Keep Walking

Don’t stay in all day, our gardens and woodland are open!

New visitors must buy an Advance Ticket online – it can be used any day, it just helps to avoid queues. If you have a Garden Membership, pop in anytime as usual.