About Our Gardens

Travel through two thousand years of history as you walk in landscapes and gardens that breathe the past. Our gardens demonstrate a breadth of horticultural activities, celebrating the traditions of different eras using plants authentic to that time.


The wide range of cultivated areas includes a Kitchen Garden, Fragrance Garden, Greenhouse, Colour Gardens, cascades, ponds and lakes; and at the very core, a walled Parabola concealing an apple tree maze. 


We are surrounded by woodland and orchards. Over 3,000 cyder apple trees grace our landscape, reviving orchards that thrived here three hundred years ago. The trees are not bush-like dwarfs favoured by commercial cyder-makers as they are easy to pick, but tall, elegant standards, recreating the vistas that were familiar to the Hobhouse family in the 18th century. The woodlands are home to a wide variety of trees, plants and wild animals. They provide us with logs for winter, withies to make garden structures and leaves and berries for our restaurants.